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Edwards Hall

PE & Sport Events

PE & Sport Events

Competition Events 2023

3Tees Cricket KS2 Borough Sports

On Friday 23rd June a group of year 2 children respresented Edwards Hall at the 3Tees cricket event held at Shoebury High School.  The children practised their skills before playing games against other schools from the borough. Everyone represented the school superbly, well done!

Our KS2 Borough Sports team of 2023!

We are very proud of everyone who took part in the KS2 Borough Sports. Children all tried their best, had fun and represented the school superbly. Twenty-three children placed 1st or 2nd and are going on to the Super Sports, we wish them lots of luck! Thank you to everyone who supported us.

Football - KS1 Football - Year 3 and 4 Boys, Year 3 and 4 Girls


On Friday 3rd February, a team of year 2 boys went to Len Forge to take part in the Key Stage 1 football event. During the afternoon, the boys took part in 8 back to back matches with only one short break in the middle. The afternoon was very enjoyable with all the boys commenting how they had enjoyed it and were proud that they had tried their best! They won 3 matches, drew 2 and lost 3. Most importantly, the children developed their team skills, worked hard for each other and played some super football. Well done! 



On Friday 20th January and Friday 27th January selected teams from Year 3 and 4 represented the school at Len Forge. Despite the teams being newly formed, the children really enjoyed the event and grew in confidence as it went along. They all progressed throughout the respective events and managed some excellent performances. The children worked hard, represented the school superbly and enjoyed the events! Well done to everyone taking part.

Rapid Fire Training

Sportshall Athletics



On Wednesday 25th January a team of Year 3 and 4 pupils walked to Eastwood Academy to participate in a training session to learn how to play Rapid Fire. Building upon the game of 3tees which they played in Key Stage 1, Rapid Fire continued to develop batting and fielding skills as well as introduce bowling skills. The children had a fantastic time with one pupil commenting that it was the best trip ever!


On Wednesday 18th January pupils from Key Stage 2 took part in the Sportshall Athletics competition at Garons Sports Centre in Southend. Year 3 and 4 took part in the morning, followed by Year 5 and 6 in the afternoon. In both events, over twenty primary schools took part in the track and field events and all members of our teams gave every event their best. We had some well-deserved and hard fought results in our events; including top 3 finishes in track and field events. 


Everyone involved showed effort and determination to do their best and this was wonderful to see. All of the children were impeccably behaved, displayed great sportsmanship and supported each other in their events. 

PE Funding Expenditure Report

Our PE Funding Expenditure Report can be found here.