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Edwards Hall



Edwards Hall Primary School is a happy and vibrant learning community that lives and breathes its values.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our School. On this page, you can find links to more information about our school, such as our most recent Ofsted report and details on our curriculum. Also on this page is our Determined Admissions Arrangements for the coming years; these documents outline the entire admissions process and include details of our catchment area.

Statutory Admissions Information

Full details of the determined admissions arrangements for our upcoming intake years can be found below:



Applying for a place for a September start

Edwards Hall welcomes all applications.  We have one main intake in September and we try to encourage entry at this time in order to support the child's academic progression without interruption, however, parents can apply at any time and are encouraged to visit the school.

Applications can be made online at

In Year Admissions

Applications for a school place, for children aged between 5 - 16 during the school year are referred to as in-year admissions. To find out further information on the availability of places across the borough, or to apply for a place at our school please visit

Admissions: How to appeal.

Please follow the guidance in the Southend Borough Council publication: