Internet Safety Week 2019

Throughout Internet Safety Week children took part in various activities to develop their knowledge and awareness of internet safety. Parents were also invited to an e-safety presentation run by Gary Collard, an ex-Essex Police Officer now specialising as a Schools Officer. He has extensive knowledge of how children and young people are using technology and outlined some of the associated risks and preventative measures that can be taken.

As well as their workshops, our children also worked with their buddy class to create a school internet safety mascot. This was run as a competition and the children used the knowledge they had picked up from working with Gary and their teachers. Our overall winning mascot and the runners up are here for you to see!

Overall Winner 'Mike the Mouse' by

Louie S and Lewi H

Runner up 'Safebot' by

Abby A and Eliza T

Runner up 'I-Bear' by

Isla H and Eve B

Tai Chi Workshops

This term we were joined by Ron from Workshops for Schools who came to deliver Tai Chi tasters to each class. We chose Tai Chi to help promote healthy lifestyles and because it is an inclusive activity for everyone to take part in. Ron spoke about how Tai Chi is calming, relaxing, supports fitness and develops concentration. The workshop helped the children understand mindfulness and being aware of what they are doing. Some moves that we were taught included Bear, Deer, Tiger, Monkey and Crane. This coupled with a focus on breathing techniques led to very focused sessions. The children responded positively and enjoyed the experience.

"I felt calm and relaxed during the session. Some of the moves were tricky. We had to slow some of our movements right down." Denley

Year 3 Theme Day 'Ancient Greece'

This term, year 3 went back in time to ancient Greece. Throughout the day the children experienced the wonder of ancient Greece, bringing fifth century BC Athens to life. Children and staff dressed to the theme and as the hall became the Agora in Athens, they took on the roles of traders and craftsmen. The pupils also experienced being part of a Greek theatre and performed to their parents and peers in the afternoon. As well as taking part in lots of role-play activities throughout the day, the children also sampled some typical Greek food!