Inclusion / SEND

Equality Information

Equality Information 2017.pdf

SEN Complaints Procedure

SEN Complaints Procedure April 18.pdf

SEN-D Information Report

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Who is our special educational needs co-ordinator (SENCO) and how can he/she be contacted?

What are Special Educational Needs or a Disability?

What types of SEN/D do we provide for?

How does Edwards Hall know if my child needs extra help?

What should you do if you think your child/young person has special educational needs.

How will teaching be adapted for your child with SEN/D?

How do we adapt the curriculum and learning environment?

How do we enable pupils with SEN to engage in activities with other pupils who do not have SEN?

How do we consult parents of pupils with SEN and involve them in their child’s education and how do we consult pupils with SEN and involve them in their education?

How do we assess and review pupils’ progress towards their outcomes?

How do we support pupils moving between different phases of education and in preparation for adulthood?

What arrangements does the school make when a child joins the school mid phase?

How do we support pupils with SEN to improve their emotional and social development?

What expertise and training do our staff have to support pupils with SEN?

What specialist support or services does the school access to meet the needs of pupils with SEN/D?

How do we evaluate the effectiveness of our SEN provision?

How do we handle complaints from parents of children with SEN about provision made at the school?

How does Edwards Hall Primary School support children who are looked after by the local authority and have SEN?

What support do you have for parents of a child with SEN?