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Yearly PE Overview

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Swimming at Edwards Hall


It was intended that throughout this school year, pupils in years 1-6 would all have the chance to go swimming.

Each pupil in Years 3 -6 were able to experience a minimum of 6 x 30 minute lessons. Year 2 pupils experienced 3 x 30 minute lessons with Year 1 pupils experiencing 1 x 30 minute lesson instead of 3 x 30 minutes as scheduled. Year 6 pupils also missed out on additional sessions as a result of the closures.

By enabling Key Stage 1 and 2 to go swimming we hope to develop confidence in the water and increase the number of pupils who are able to swim 25m or more unaided by the end of Key Stage 2 as well as developing lifesaving skills in the water.

In Year 6 (2019-20), 57 of the 60 pupils attended swimming lessons. Of those, 46 children demonstrated they could:

- Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.

Out of those who could swim 25 metres, 40 were able to:

- Perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations

- Use a range of strokes effectively, for example front crawl, breaststroke and backstroke

PE Funding Expenditure Report

Our PE Funding Expenditure Report can be found at PE Funding Expenditure Report.