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It is fair to say this year hasn’t gone to plan! Sport has continued at school with pupils taking part in events within their bubbles with

the results entered into virtual events against other schools in Southend.

During this term, all children in school have had a skipping rope bought to use in school. The children have enjoyed this and have been challenging themselves to get better each time they use them. We have now created an Edwards Hall Skipping Leaderboard for the number of skips achieved in 1 minute:

  1. Ella 120

  2. Casey 119

  3. Daisy 109

  4. Sophie 108

  5. Toby 106

  6. Elsie 104

  7. Hayden 102

  8. Bobby 101

  9. Bella, Kian, Isla, Milly 100

The children took part in a Virtual Sportshall Athletic competition. The children had to complete 5 events: Chest push, Speed bounce, Vertical jump, Standing jump and 10x10m shuttle run. From the results they obtained a Sportshall award. Some children from Y3 and 4 had their efforts verified by the SPSSA and we are waiting to hear if any of our results have made it through to the county competition. As a school we came 5th in Key Stage 1, 8th in Lower Key Stage 2 and 5th in Upper Key Stage 2. Well done to all who participated.

Bikeability came into school to work with Year 4 and 6. Both year groups had a fantastic and valuable experience. Mrs Campbell commented: “What with current circumstances, it was so amazing to still be able to give the children the opportunity to have their Bikeability training. As always, the trainers were excellent and really took their time with each and every child, both with preparing them for their cycling and the teaching.

All the children had a great time out with instructors and feedback from the groups were daily comments of 'The children have listened so well and taken on board everything we have taught them.' The children who stayed at school to practise their Level 1 skills all made such fantastic progress - we had many non-riders on the first day and there is no better sight than, by Thursday, seeing a group of children confidently cycling round the playground, being so obviously proud and happy that they could ride their bikes successfully. We even had a bike purchase by the end of the week and this is being used regularly!”

The children took part in the SPSSA virtual Santa dash on Friday 11th December. It was all very festive and we even had a visit from an elf to help encourage some of the children during the day. We contributed 303 miles to the Southend cause.

Some of the children have also started their efforts to complete the virtual cross country competition with FS and Key Stage 1 running 500m, Y3 and 4 = 1000m and Y5 and 6 = 1,500m. There will be further opportunities to improve on their initial times before final results are shared.

In school, Key Stage 2 classes have competed in the New Age Kurling competition. The children were very supportive of each other, respectful and enjoyed the event. The results have been added to the overall Key Stage 2 house league, which looks as follows:

  1. Saxons

  2. Vikings

  3. Danes

  4. Normans

Yearly PE Overview

Please click on the following link to access our Yearly PE Overview. This document provides you with information about the areas covered in each year group by term.

Swimming at Edwards Hall


It was intended that throughout this school year, pupils in years 1-6 would all have the chance to go swimming.

Each pupil in Years 3 -6 were able to experience a minimum of 6 x 30 minute lessons. Year 2 pupils experienced 3 x 30 minute lessons with Year 1 pupils experiencing 1 x 30 minute lesson instead of 3 x 30 minutes as scheduled. Year 6 pupils also missed out on additional sessions as a result of the closures.

By enabling Key Stage 1 and 2 to go swimming we hope to develop confidence in the water and increase the number of pupils who are able to swim 25m or more unaided by the end of Key Stage 2 as well as developing lifesaving skills in the water.

In Year 6 (2019-20), 57 of the 60 pupils attended swimming lessons. Of those, 46 children demonstrated they could:

- Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.

Out of those who could swim 25 metres, 40 were able to:

- Perform safe self-rescue in different water based situations

- Use a range of strokes effectively, for example front crawl, breaststroke and backstroke

PE Funding Expenditure Report

Our PE Funding Expenditure Report can be found at PE Funding Expenditure Report.