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Yearly PE Overview

Please click on the following link to access our Yearly PE Overview. This document provides you with information about the areas covered in each year group by term.

PE Questionnaire

Thank you to all parents who completed the questionnaires. Your input is valued and is being taken into consideration going forward. We are extremely appreciative of the support you provide to your children, be it supporting them at competitions or assisting with transport, to encouraging them to give new opportunities a go.

Overall it was found that your children enjoy doing PE at Edwards Hall. This correlates with the data received from the pupils from the questionnaires they completed in school. When looking at responses about why PE wasn’t enjoyable, the most common response was around changing quickly.

Regarding the current provision of PE most felt that it is good. Some parents felt that provision would be improved with the addition of a dedicated PE teacher. At present this isn’t an option for the school due to budget restrictions. The focus will be on continuing to upskill the staff.

A range of responses were received that show clubs are used at Edwards Hall and parents would like to see the offer increased going forward. This is something that we are looking to improve on by adding a wider variety of clubs. This is highlighted with the tasters in the reintroduction of tennis and tag rugby, with a view to starting up after Christmas. Other possibilities are also being pursued.

We have also been looking at how PE is communicated to parents. After looking at responses, e-mail was quite a popular response. We are trying to communicate what is happening in PE. To support this a web blog is being developed with information on internal competitions, external competitions and how PE is developing pupil’s confidence and breaking down barriers. Keep your eyes peeled for when this goes live. In the meantime, a plan of what PE is being taught in each half term and the days it is on, is being developed based on current provision. This is subject to change as the year goes on and units are moved around.

Swimming at Edwards Hall

Throughout this school year, pupils in years 1-6 will all have the chance to go swimming. Each pupil in Years 1 and 2 will have 3 x 30 minute lessons while pupils in Years 3 -6 will experience a minimum of 6 x 30 minute lessons. By enabling Key Stage 1 and 2 to go swimming we hope to develop confidence in the water and increase the number of pupils who are able to swim 25m or more unaided by the end of Key Stage 2 as well as developing lifesaving skills in the water.

PE Funding Expenditure Report

Our PE Funding Expenditure Report can be found at PE Funding Expenditure Report.