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Club Timetable Spring 2020.pdf

Success for our girls' football team!

A team of nine Year 5/6 girls represented the school at a football tournament this term, at the Len Forge Centre.

This was set up as a carousel of matches - each played for a block of 10 minutes one way. Our first game against Prince Avenue resulted in 0-0; following that we won every single match! (Barons Court: 4-0, Richmond: 2-0, Darlinghurst: 2-0, Leigh North Street: 3-0, Friars: 2-0, Hamstel: 1-0 and Our Lady of Lourdes: 2-1).

The girls displayed excellent sportsmanship and worked so effectively as a team, guiding and supporting regardless of what position they were playing. I was incredibly proud of the girls - we all had an amazing day and came back victorious!

Mrs Campbell