Equality & Diversity Project

Equality and Diversity Champions Award

In November 2015 we successfully achieved the Equality and Diversity Champions award.

This award aims to develop children’s empathy and understanding, respect and tolerance, kindness and compassion. All of which we value highly at Edwards Hall.

To make this happen, we:

- Consulted with parents, pupils and other stakeholders about their views on our bullying policy, which led to helpful amendments, such as notifying parents sooner when there has been an incident

- Held a ‘kindness week’, which included creating artwork for our new Friendship Garden

- Developed our work with ‘Buddy Classes’, so that children learn to work with children of different ages, abilities and needs

- Involved organisations to help us work with the children on the ‘big’ issues, including:

- Show Racism the Red Card

- Bully Beats


- Sports Art 4 All

- Ability Action

The impact of this work has been a shift in the way children speak about others, and discuss issues such as gender, sexuality and race. There is a definite sense that children are considering the needs of others and how to support them respectfully (this was seen most recently in the buddy class friendship songs)

Thank you for all your support with the project over the last year. Edwards Hall Primary School are now not only Equality and Diversity Champions but have also achieved Enhanced Healthy Schools Status.