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Edwards Hall

School Vision

School Vision

At Edwards Hall Primary School we have:
  • Reflective children who have the independence and self-confidence to live and learn, now and in the future.
  • A safe, caring, inclusive community where everybody is respected, supported and challenged. 
  • Learners who have the opportunity to reach their full potential in an environment where they are motivated, enthusiastic and willing to take risks.
  • We feel strongly that, alongside academic learning, children must also be enabled to develop the skills and understanding embodied in our 'drivers'.
  • While developing academically, we also teach children to apply our school's Learning Behaviours - Persistent, Collaborative, Inquisitive, Imaginative and Disciplined.

    Our children, in collaboration with staff  and governors, have identified these three values as key to how we relate to one another:

    Honesty     |     Responsibility     |      Community

    These values underpin how we work together, how children and adults behave, and are recognised and valued through Celebration Assemblies.